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time + stamp


  1. The date and time at which an event occurs or occurred, usually indicated in human-readable form, especially when used in a log to track events.

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date and time of an event


  1. In the context of "transitive|computing": To record the date and time of (an event, etc).

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A timestamp is a sequence of characters, denoting the date and/or time at which a certain event occurred. This data is usually presented in a consistent format, allowing for easy comparison of two different records and tracking progress over time; the practice of recording timestamps in a consistent manner along with the actual data is called timestamping.
Timestamps are typically used for logging events, in which case each event in a log is marked with a timestamp. In filesystems, timestamp may mean the stored date/time of creation or modification of a file.
Examples of timestamps: 2005-10-30 T 10:45 UTC 2007-11-09 T 11:20 UTC Sat Jul 23 02:16:57 2005


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has defined ISO 8601 which standardizes timestamps.

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